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See Through Fireplaces

See Through

See Through fireplaces are beautiful because of their unique appearance from two spaces. They can be looking contemporary or linear, can be used on indoor walls or an outdoor wall. Very few manufacturing companies offer very unique and durable designs that we could find to work with. Click HERE to learn about Flare See Through Fireplaces.


Corner fireplaces are suitable for rooms with limited spaces, because they can be installed on the corners. They can be in different style such as double corner, single corner, left or right corner, both for indoor our outdoor use. Corner style is special offering viewing from different angles. 

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Direct Vent

Direct Vent

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces as just a regular choice for many buildings come in many styles to match customer’s desire. Each one of our brands offer a different taste of selection, and uniqueness for tradition or contemporary rooms. We suggest calling our expert to learn about variety of choices and find out what can be a great investment and choice for you. 


Vent Free

Ventfree or also called ventless fireplaces are great for small rooms with limited solution for venting for both inside out outside use. 

Gas Fireplace Brands

At Thousand Oaks Fireside products are selected from unique brands with detailed designs with great reputation. The  choices are unlimited. You can click HERE and see the entire products we carry, or just GIVE US A CALL to get help narrowing your choices down. 

Flare is a one of the biggest fireplace manufacturing firms with more than 60 different indoor fireplaces in many dimensions. Their products are equipped with great lighting, natural burning, and many other optional customization features.


Thinking of for bold and odd shapes, or popular luxury line of fireplaces, then Stellar Hearth could be your choice. Click to find out more about their products.

Stellar Hearth

Heat & Glo offers custom fireplaces that can be order by Encino Fireplace, Oaks Fireside or Floyd fireplace stores in Los Angeles and Ventura county. Other options are variety of indoor, outdoor and seet though choices to select. Some of the models can be named of Escape, Cosmo, Supreme gas, provident, 6000 Modern, 8000 Modern, Crona, Mezzo, Phoenix True, Slimline, True, Primo, and much more

Heat & Glo

Woodbridge with more than 30 years of manufacturing offers many models to accommodate many customer choices. A few popular models can be named of: Montana, Newport, Monterey, Catalina Pier, Catalina, Laguna, Santa Monica, DV2500, DV250l, and Algonquin.


Heatiliator is the sister company of Heat & Glo with more high class and more featured options. A few of their models could be named of as: Primo, True, 6000 Modern, 8000 Modern, Slimeline, Cosmo, and more.


Montigo is another top brands we carry, with many designs and dimensions. A few of their models can be named of: Delray, Devine Multi, Disticntion, Divine H, Exemplar, Illume inserts, Prodigy, Phenom, and more.


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